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Youth Reach Out to Community

Crown of Life Teens take the opportunity to volunteer at a neighborhood food shelf on their day off from school.
Mr. Fenske took five teens to Neighbors Inc. in early December to increase community outreach opportunities in Crown of Life’s youth program. In three hours the kids sorted, dated and shelved an overwhelming amount of donations that came in during the November food drive.
Not knowing what they were getting into they were pleasantly surprised and all said that it was fun and they would do it again. It’s always fun to volunteer with friends!
Thank you for your outstanding work! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

Sharing Faith In The St. Croix Dorms

Middle School Dorms Family Dinner

St. Croix Lutheran is unique to most schools in that a fourth of their enrollment (about 100 students) are international students and come from all corners of the world. St. Croix has a new dorm to accommodate housing for all these kids and those that come from the United States. Crown of Life members Chris Maki and Bev Abel are two of six dorm supervisors. Chris’s experience comes from years of teaching and coaching while Bev’s comes from years of parenting.
Chris Maki began his teaching ministry at St. Andrew’s Lutheran School in St. Paul Park where he taught almost every grade and learned about the challenges and rewards of teaching in a Lutheran school. After several years, Chris started coaching soccer at St. Croix and was offered a position to teach geometry and be a dorm supervisor. Along with this position came new challenges and rewards, especially as he shares God’s Word with students from all over the world.
Both Perry and Bev graduated from St. Croix Lutheran, as well as their children, so the St. Croix ministry is very close to their hearts. After retiring from Travelers, Bev joined the dorm supervising staff in 2015 as the girl’s supervisor. She enjoyed being a mom so much, she thought she could take on a dorm full of teenagers. Perry, although not a dorm supervisor, enjoys engaging with the students and can often be found at their games, concerts or photographing events. He continues to work in real estate and volunteer at Crown of Life.