Meet The Team

Worship, Education
Elders, Stewardship,
Ministry Team
Finance, Evangelism,
Principal –  Early Childhood, Lower and Middle School
  About Us 
Offering Certainty in an Uncertain World
We strive to become a growing, spiritual family
who share Christ in a genuine, caring way through words and actions.
Elders – Along with the pastors, oversee the spiritual welfare of
our members
Evangelism – Reaches out to the community to share God’s Word, bringing unbelievers to faith
Fellowship – Plans events for members of Crown of Life to build and grow friendships with each other
Finance – Oversees the expenditures and investments of both the church and school
Full Time Education – Oversees all areas of Crown of Life Lutheran School including the teachers, students, and curriculum
Properties – Oversees the property maintenance of both churches and school grounds and facilities
Stewardship – Oversees new member welcome and integration into Crown of Life family. Provides encouragement and training of Christian service to members
Youth and Adult Education – Researches and sets up Bible classes for Christian learning at
all ages
Worship – Oversees the planning
and activities of all worship services