Emile Burgess
Pastor – Worship, Education
Pastor Emile Burgess considers it a privilege and gift from God to serve as a pastor to God’s people. What a gift not just to be called to faith and become one of God’s people, but to lead others, teach others, encourage and build others up with God’s Word and Sacraments—what an undeserved gift! As someone the Lord brought to faith in adulthood, Emile remembers what it was like to go through life without the sure hope of forgiveness in Christ and eternal life in heaven, not to mention the comforting promises of God for our daily life! He loves to help others understand and appreciate all the good gifts we have through faith in Jesus.
Emile, his wife, and two young daughters love the great outdoors, but mainly love spending time together doing whatever, wherever. As new Minnesota residents and members of the Crown of Life family as of 2017, Emile and his family look forward to deepening their relationships in the Crown of Life community.

Contact Emile Burgess
651-451-3832  |  CELL 713-398-5649